• Image of VISION OFF - Hawking the Smoke from Distant Fires CS

The second release on Warthog Speak offshoot, Vague Absolutes is the first physical release from VISION OFF. Best to avoid if you are looking for anything resembling "songs," Hawking the Smoke from Distant Fires is the audio equivalent of the feeling that comes from watching modern day network news, of resigning yourself to the fact that no matter where you are, you are sitting in the nest of the enemy, and the enemy has
every tool at their disposal to create your misery, profit off your misery, or both. The assembly of this release began in 2007 and was forgotten about, finally revisited and finished now, ten years later. Comes packaged in a flawlessly designed Riso printed J-card. These tapes are made to order and therefore may take a little longer than usual to send out.

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